PipeBug: Monitoring Using Graphite, Logstash, Sensu, and Tessera

Monitoring, Simplified

PipeBug is a drop-in collection of open source monitoring tools delivered, configured and setup for you by DevOps Professionals

Meet PipeBug

You want Business Continuity. Today.

We deliver, configure and set up a full stack of the best open source monitoring tools that enable you to get monitoring immediately and see into the heart of your systems 24*7.

When you need to run a complete monitoring solution in your environment, we can make it happen in one click, thanks to the power of automated deployment.

Automated deployment solution based on extendable and centralized configuration for a combination of open source tools: Graphite, LogStash, Elasticsearch, Kibana, Tessera, Sensu, CollectD and StatsD.

Protect your systems

You may also want to determine the optimal use of resources or drill down into underperforming aspects of your code. There are many reasons to install automated network and application monitoring, and our solution aims to cover them all. Still missing something? We'll be happy to create a customized solution just for you.

Systems stability

Your monitoring solution will always be kept up to date with the latest security patches and upgrades, and you'll never miss out a new feature launch in any of the open source tools you've implemented. You can rely on your monitoring solution that will continuously provide the most benefits with the least effort expended by your team.

Achieve peak performance

You'll be able to monitor system, web server, application server, database and networking metrics and standard services. Monitor all significant metrics for your business will add value to your bottom line. You can be confident that integrating our flexible monitoring solution will help you achieve maximum business operations performance.

You must be informed. In Time

Pipebug can use Pagerduty as an alerting service. With Pipebug and Pagerduty integration, you can receive alerts as push notifications, text messages or even phone calls based on flexible rules you choose; including escalations and queue alerting.

Apart from Pagerduty, you can still choose from a number of alerting mechanisms, starting from email and jabber and including irc, twitter, hipchat and platforms as zendesk and opsgenie.

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