PipeBug: Monitoring Using Graphite, Logstash, Sensu, and Tessera

About PipeBug - The monitoring project of DevOps Ltd.

Devops IL

Here at Devops we've been working on monitoring solutions for a while now, implementing the kind of tools that help businesses fast discovery critical issues - and quickly get back to service. Now we're looking to offer this as a separate service to clients.

We want to make sure that anyone who needs the best in open source monitoring can achieve quickly what they and still stay well within their budget.

Devops IL is a leading consultancy for a broad portfolio of technology software as a service companies worldwide. The consulting group is a diverse, tight-knit group of developers, systems and network engineers that collaborate with our client’s application developers, managers, and other team members. All are supporting and leading our clients to achieve business success by continuously improving the operations and making development and operations work great with each other.

Our vast experience allows us to assist our partners that have leading services and products used by millions of people around the world work better and faster. We are proud to say that we achieve it thanks to our focusing on excellent communication and do the right things that works great.

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