PipeBug: Monitoring Using Graphite, Logstash, Sensu, and Tessera

PipeBug Success stories

90Min – Sports Social Media Company

90Min wanted to get a better understanding of their overall systems’ performance, and Together we implemented a monitoring solution which allowed them to do just that. Now they use Redis to receive and then store any server event logs. Logstash has been deployed to grab events from Redis and hand them to Elasticsearch which then stores them. Then 90Min harness Kibana to produce the final reporting and dashboards.
90Min is now able to identify commercially useful data easily and simply and in record time. This helps them grow their business and supply the services that their clients expect.

Sizmek - Multi-Screen Ad Serving Platform

Sizmek uses Java technology stack and has a very complex and heavily interdependent services architecture. The challenge was to make Sizmek’s test environments stable and ensure a proper level of monitoring was present. Also, Sizmek were lacking monitoring on their Tomcat application servers.
Together, we took several measures to take Sizmek’s development infrastructure to the next level: we hooked up Jenkins to Graphite so that build success and failure and deployment statistics were available.
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Tessera dashboard allowed proper and meaningful visibility into the state of deployments.
JVM stats (and in particular the memory) were also hooked to Graphite. It allowed to conduct real-time heap space analysis and notice some threading issues. When issues hit Elasticsearch, one look at the Tessera dashboard was enough to understand the root cause (1.5 GB network spike)
Sizmek's development team now also use Graphite as a profiling tool to see which code is invoked most often. That allows them to eliminate process bottlenecks.
Logstash was used to analyze logs and Tomcat monitoring tools reported errors on AWS. This includes analysis of instances that no longer exist. Custom Apache extensions were implemented after installing Logstash to ensure that response time for requests could be monitored, and performance overall is displayed in graphical detail. JMX monitoring was accomplished.
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